Functions & Events

Quality chicken catering for your Queensland event

Functions and events

We understand that getting the right quantity of food is an added stress when planning a function or event. We work with you to understand the number of attendees and their preferences. Contact your nearest Golden Chicken Store for hassle free advice on options and price quoting.

The hard work is done for you so your attendees can enjoy the event and the quality food. We offer delivery or pick up for added ease.



How much notice do I need to provide?
Generally platters are available with as little as 48hrs notice. Larger orders require a minimum of 5 days. Ideally once you have decided to choose Golden Chicken for your function put in at least a tentative booking, that way you should be able to secure your delivery if required.

How will my order arrive?
Two ways. Either in disposable containers and boxes. ( great if you are serving out of a kitchen )/ or the food will arrive on plastic platter trays and bowls to be displayed and served.

Does it cost more to display my order?
Displayed orders require the payment of an Equipment Bond. They range from $5 for a single platter up to $200 for large orders. Equipment bonds are refunded when all equipment has been returned clean, in good order and accounted for. Charges apply to missing and damaged equipment.

Can I have my order individually packed?
Yes. To individually pack your order an additional $1.00 is added to each meal. This will include a disposable container and cutlery, napkin and salt & pepper.

Do you supply cutlery and crockery?
No. Plates and knives and forks are to be supplied by the customer.

Do you serve out the order?
No. Golden Chicken does not offer full service catering. Orders are displayed as a buffet style / self serve.

When do I pay for my order?
Payment is to be made before or on the day of the function. In store we accept eftpos, credit card (excluding amex and diners), cash or cheque. In the event Golden Chicken is required to engage the services of an agency to collect monies owing, all expenses and charges shall be borne by the customer.

When do I return the equipment?
Equipment is to be returned as soon as a reasonably possible, generally the next business day. Equipment returned after 14 days will incur a late fee.

Hot Roast Meals (min 20 each)

Golden Chicken Catering offers a large range of Roast Meals. All roast meals include potato, pumpkin, peas, carrots and gravy as accompanying sides. Golden Chicken offers Roast Lamb, Beef and Pork as a our selection of roasts. Condiments are added to suit your roast. ( all prices inc GST )

Please note— Roast Meat not available
at Urangan Store.


2 pieces of Bbq chicken and vegetables.

Roast Meal

A generous serve of the roast of your choice and vegetables.

Chicken & Roast Meat 

1 piece of Bbq Chicken and a serve of your choice of Roast with vegetables.

Duo of Roast Meat

A selection of two roast meats of your choice and vegetables.
Please note— Roast Meat not available at
Urangan store.


Golden Chicken Catering offers a large variety of hot and cold platters.
Whether it is a wedding or a party with the mates there will be a platter to suit. All platters are made fresh in store.

Chicken on a Platter 

24 or more pieces of hot or cold Rotisserie cooked chicken cut and presented on a platter.
Allow 2 pces per person for a meal, 1 for a nibble

Mixed Nibble Platter (hot) 

Marinated chicken wings, kabana, spring rolls, fish cocktails or chicken nuggets and a choice of 3 dipping sauces.
Allow 6 – 8 people for a meal or 10 – 14 for a nibble

Chicken & Wedges (hot) 

16 x pieces of hot Rotisserie chicken, approx 25 crumbed chicken strips, approx 25 potato wedges and gravy
Allow 6 – 8 people for a meal or 10 – 14 for a nibble

Chicken, Ham & Salad (cold) 

12 x pieces of Rotisserie chicken, 1/2 kilogram of fresh sliced ham,
2 x large salads ( choice of coleslaw, potato or pasta).

Oceans Mix Platter (hot)

Tempura fish bites, crumbed calamari, prawn cutlets , potato wedges and two dipping sauces
Allow 6 – 8 people for a meal or 12 for a nibble

Sides & Extras

A selection of sides and extras to add to your meal option or to create your own.

Our salads are all made in store using our own salad dressing.


Allow 10 people per kilo

Potato Salad 

Allow 10 people per kilo

Pasta Salad 

Allow 10 people per kilo

Dinner Roll & Butter

Fresh dinner roll served with a butter portion



Peas, Carrots or Gravy 

Roast Meats (min 20 each)

Delicious fresh cooked Roast Meats and Rotisserie Chicken .


The very best bbq chicken.

Beef, Pork or Lamb 

A generous serve of your favourite roast.